About The Website

This website is a place to explore thoughts and opinions on the healing power of loving sexual energy. It begins with the premise that sexual energy originates from a Divine source, since without it no life would exist. Even at the level of the smallest particles of matter, the powers of attraction, reproduction and re-creation are at play. The result of Divine sexual energy is our magnificent natural world—a world that we are part of.

Despite the immense creative potential of full spectrum, loving sexual energy, our immersion in centuries of patriarchy, accompanied by limiting social ‘norms’, laws and long-told myths, means most of us live in cultures that have reduced sex to a very narrow spectrum experience, often laden with shame and guilt.

The goal of our blog is to introduce fresh thinking, raise awareness, and stimulate us to wholly embrace full spectrum sexual energy, both as individuals and in community. We seek to inspire people to live in a way that honors each other, all of nature, our planet and the universe, and the divine energy that gave us—and still gives us—life.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to assist people to exalt their sexual capacity and experience the pure joy of creation and wholeness through the conscious release of their Divine, full spectrum, loving sexual energy.

About The Authors

We are writing this blog using pseudonyms. Why?

Some of what we’ll talk about may be controversial; therefore some level of anonymity is wise. Those who personally know us, our friends and lovers, will of course know us for who we are. But for the purpose of sharing our thoughts with our readers, for generating this fertile place for the exchange of ideas, for exploring discoveries together in this online forum, pseudonyms seem to make sense.

And besides that, pen names are just fun.

So here we are, your Loving Sexual Energy explorers: Willow Wildwood and Manning Haile



Willow Wildwood

From the age of nineteen I realized that sexual function can be healing. I lived in a community where it was common to practice sex as spiritual development and realized, years later, that the context of this community made it safe to be in non-traditional sexual relationships. Since then, loving sexual energy has been a key part of my spiritual and emotional work and I have been seeking ways to bring knowledge and awareness of restoring our natural sexual function, which includes: healing, enlightenment, joy, connection, creating, etc. My passion is to help men and women realize that the womb is a portal of — and access to — Mother God energy.



Manning Haile

Somewhere along my path in life I discovered that underneath all complexity is beautiful simplicity. I don’t follow any specific spiritual traditions or ideology. My most spiritual moments have come outdoors, in nature. Well, and the times in my life that I have enjoyed plant medicines in a sacred context. I have, however, considered sex a sacred, spiritual act since I was quite young, and throughout my life have been curious about the fascination we “great apes” have with all things sexual. It seems clear to me that we have a lot of things backwards. My passion is to help men and women redefine the way they experience sexual energy and love.