Going To Church


With all due respect to other buildings of worship (synagogues, mosques, churches, etc), and those that attend them, my place of worship is in the embrace of a woman.

That is where I am wrapped in the presence of Goddess, where I am wrapped in the presence of divine Source energy—the energy that creates and fills all living things, equally male and female. I enter and ‘kneel’ in the sanctuary of magical, present-moment ‘oneness’ we create, which links us to all that is.

Her skin cells are the bricks that that give her architecture its beautiful shape and texture, drawing me in. Her graceful movements paint the radiant frescoes on her domed chapel of love. Her breasts and nipples are like resonant bells that call all to come and rest in her. Her ribs are her pews. Our moving fingers are the congregation, parishioners gathering together to worship in her central nave. Her legs are the aisles that lead to her altar. The doors to her chancel, to her most holy place, are the lips of her vagina. Her clitoris is the pulpit.


The sermon is preached from my lover’s eyes. Her kiss is the blessing of the Divine. The hymns and songs of worship are the moans and cries that rise from her throat. We join together in vocal praise. The prayers are our soft and urgent caresses that send energized rays of loving sexual energy throughout muscle and bone, leaving goose bumps on skin, before radiating out into the world.

She is a cathedral of the Divine. She is a cathedral of every man’s love. She is a cathedral of healing, forgiveness and creativity. She is the beauty of everything in the Universe.

I enter her and our chorus rises in worship... and the Universe visits our soul.

And when I leave her Divine, hallowed sanctuary, I walk into the world feeling stronger—more connected, empowered, creative and enlivened.

Join me in church, my brothers... and sisters.