Imagining a Different Way

When people talk about our current world as being patriarchal it is hard to see and feel all its limitations since we ‘swim’ in it every day. We are so used to marching along, keeping life going, that we quickly fall into the many, many-leveled subtleties patriarchy has created. And to be sure, most of us experience lots of good things in this ‘ocean’ we swim in, along with the bad.

The same is true when someone talks about the difference of matriarchal societies. The characteristics sound good in principle. But it is also hard to see and feel what this might be like, because we haven’t experienced it.

I really enjoyed this article by Carol P. Christ, on the “Feminism and Religion” website because she paints a picture of actual life in a matriarchal community. It is where full spectrum loving sexual energy is given ‘space’ to exist... and this vision needs to be expanded.

I, along with her, speaking as a man, “would love to live in such a society”.