All Human Beings are Equal and Beautiful


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Principle Four: All human beings are equal and beautiful.

Each person, male or female, represents a unique spectrum of divine characteristics. All bodies are beautiful. All gender orientation is beautiful. All ages are beautiful. All gifts, abilities and mannerisms are beautiful.

Why this is important: 

Perhaps this principle seems so intuitive it doesn’t need to be stated. Yet somehow we have an ongoing difficulty with acceptance of human equality.

Certainly, human equality is constantly under siege in our paternalistic world. Especially gender equality.

We are fed myths of what an acceptable body is, every moment of every day. Body acceptability may be the most prevalent sexual myth of all; so embedded in modern society, in our psyches, that even the most enlightened souls fall into judgment without realizing it.

We also have deeply embedded judgments about gender orientation. How did we decide to put “homo” and “hetero” and “bi” in front of sexual? Does it matter? We are all beautiful, sexually-energetic beings. 

In modern times, we have lost the magic of our elders. Historical tribes valued their old, for the beautiful wisdom etched into their minds, bodies and souls. 

In those same tribal communities, all gifts and talents were valued, from the clairvoyant and eccentric, to the sensitive and witty, to the strong and mighty. We have lost touch with the value of what we often call ‘strange’ or ‘weird’.

Racial intolerance, despite all the good work towards accepting diversity, still churns behind the facades of normalcy.

It is important, for the sake of peaceful, thriving human communities, to see every woman as a ‘goddess’—a truly gifted, divine representation of Creator, no matter what her age, size, shape or color of skin. 

And it is important to see every man as a “knight of valor”—a powerful contributor to the sustenance of the human ‘community’, regardless of characteristics.

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Living in Community

We are also looking for people who are interested in joining a real life community based on the principles of LSE (loving sexual energy) in, or near, Vancouver, Canada, which will be an experiment in sharing/gifting, matriarchal living, and also an outreach to the wider community. See our Community page.