We are All Born to Share


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Principle Five: We are all born to share.

We are born sharers. At any given moment, we must ‘share’ the total amount of energy available on earth with all other life forms and matter. When we die, the energy that our bodies represent is ‘shared’ back into the system, to be re-formed. Our understanding of loving, sharing connection to everything around us awakens us to embrace sharing as a spiritual principle.

Why this is important: 

The spirituality of sharing is essential for the health of our planet and our continued place in it. Early humans were very connected to their environment and aware of how sharing was critical to survival. Sharing was built into every aspect of their way of life. 

As we modern humans have become increasingly disconnected and removed from our natural environment, and from the processes that create food and shelter, we have continued to lose touch with our need to share to exist.

Embracing the spirituality of sharing counters the cultural myth of possession. We don’t really possess anything. Ever. 

In a sharing system like our planet, possessiveness will ultimately fail. Possessiveness creates separation, which creates endless opportunities for strife instead of peace. 

We live in a modern culture of separation. Sharing, for the most part, is reduced to token donations to charitable causes.

It is important for us to explore and rediscover what sharing really means. We need people who are brave enough to reject possessiveness; who embrace, instead, the spirituality of sharing, in order to forge a new path to peaceful, egalitarian life.

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Living in Community

We are also looking for people who are interested in joining a real life community based on the principles of LSE (loving sexual energy) in, or near, Vancouver, Canada, which will be an experiment in sharing/gifting, matriarchal living, and also an outreach to the wider community. See our Community page.