Loving, Peaceful Community is Matriarchal in Nature


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Principle Six: Loving, peaceful community is matriarchal in nature.

Female leadership, leading through the wisdom of full spectrum loving sexual energy, creates bonded, sharing, egalitarian human communities that thrive peacefully.

Why this is important: 

We have lived for the last few millennia in a largely patriarchal world. Patriarchy creates ownership, hierarchical decision-making, exchange economies and a host of other peace-, family- and sex-negative social structures and phenomena.

Matriarchal societies, both historically and in the few present-day forms left, demonstrate that true female leadership leads to a culture of sharing, consensus decision-making, gift economies and a host of other peace-, family- and sex-positive social structures and phenomena.

Many people erroneously think that a matriarchal society simply replaces men with women in the traditional patriarchal structures we are used to. Nothing is further from the truth. 

Matriarchy is a completely different paradigm, resulting in completely different social organization. Since almost none of us have experienced it, it is hard to imagine what it would be like.

The current state of our debt-ridden, environmentally depleted and war torn world provides abundant evidence that patriarchy is failing.

We are so embedded in patriarchy that envisioning a paradigm change is almost impossible. 

It is important, however, to know there is another option. We once again need brave people who will create communities where women truly take on group leadership, growing into their natural capabilities as nurturing leaders. 

It is also important to note that the significance of men is not diminished in a matriarchal society (unlike women in a patriarchal society). Their role simply shifts, continuing to do tasks they are naturally proficient at.

As givers and nurturers of life for our species, every woman is a ‘temple’ of Creator power. Their sexual organs are intricately wired into their ‘knowingness’ of our connection to all things. Reawakening the wisdom of the ‘goddess’, that all women are born with, is crucial for creating bonded, gifting, sharing, peaceful communities in the future.

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Living in Community

We are also looking for people who are interested in joining a real life community based on the principles of LSE (loving sexual energy) in, or near, Vancouver, Canada, which will be an experiment in sharing/gifting, matriarchal living, and also an outreach to the wider community. See our Community page.