Sexual Energy is Spiritual Energy


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Principle Two: Sexual energy is spiritual energy.

Because sexual energy is the foundational component of life, it is, in essence, a spiritual energy. It is inextricably linked to Creator or Source (however you envision our origin). It is divine, creative power. As such, sexual energy is not something to be afraid of, but rather to be embraced, celebrated and expressed fully.

Why this is important: 

Once we acknowledge the essential link between sexual energy and the creation and existence of life, it is easy to understand why it is spiritual, both for those who have no religious faith at all, and for those who do have some sense of God or Creator. 

This Creator-power lives right inside us, with all its life-giving potential. We are not separated from ‘God’. God is in us. And it does not require any elaborate belief system or ritualization to make that connection. 

Acknowledging that sexual energy is spiritual energy elevates our view of it from a ‘base’ or ‘low’ urge to something that is ‘high’ and ‘holy’. 

It also means that when we activate our own, or someone else’s, sexual energy, we are engaging in a spiritual act, whether we acknowledge it or not. 

Unfortunately, in modern society, the spirituality of sex is almost completely ignored. And because of this, much of our expression of sex (think of the proliferation of narrow spectrum porn, for starters) becomes unfulfilling or limiting in some (often very subtle) way.

This is the opposite of the way we were made to be. 

Embracing the spiritual nature of sexual energy is an important healing step in allowing our sexuality to be freely expressed in an honoring and loving way—stimulating growth, enlargement and fulfillment.

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Living in Community

We are also looking for people who are interested in joining a real life community based on the principles of LSE (loving sexual energy) in, or near, Vancouver, Canada, which will be an experiment in sharing/gifting, matriarchal living, and also an outreach to the wider community. See our Community page.