Full Spectrum Sexual Energy is Loving


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Principle Three: 3. Full spectrum sexual energy is loving.

Sexual energy can be expressed in a narrow spectrum way, or a full spectrum way. Narrow spectrum sexuality, caused by centuries of limiting cultural influences, laws and religious beliefs, lacks consciousness of the divinity of sexual energy. Narrow spectrum sex is often non-spiritual, damaging, unconscious, negative, possessive, dissociative and wounding. Full spectrum sex is spiritual, loving, honoring, creative, conscious, positive, liberating, bonding, and healing. 

Why this is important: 

Imagine this. You are a big pot, filled with sexual energy. Your sexual energy gets heated up naturally; by hormonal activity, by attraction, by sexual imagery or words, by smells and other senses. You can quickly become a furnace of sexual desire. But suddenly you are not able to boil freely. Someone (society’s myths and constraints) has sealed you with a pressure-cooker lid to contain that heated up energy.

The pressure builds and builds, until something or someone opens a narrow valve, and your sexual energy comes bursting out in a thin, restricted discharge of steam. Instead of your energy being free to bubble and release its energy in a fully open way, it comes out, under pressure, through a narrow, limited portal.

Ironically it is not our “obsession with sex” that causes spillovers of aberrant sexual behavior, as many would argue. It is our societal/cultural constraints, limitations and myths that cause skewed, narrow releases of sexual energy.

Sexual energy embraced in a full spectrum (holistic) way is loving and honoring, unafraid of open vulnerability and expression. 

By bravely embracing sexual energy’s life-giving, divine power, its potential for creativity and self-expansion, its ability to heal the effects of cultural, sex-negative myths, we slowly remove the ‘pressure cooker’ lid from our sexuality, allowing us to experience ourselves more truly, more openly, more lovingly, more fully.

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Living in Community

We are also looking for people who are interested in joining a real life community based on the principles of LSE (loving sexual energy) in, or near, Vancouver, Canada, which will be an experiment in sharing/gifting, matriarchal living, and also an outreach to the wider community. See our Community page.