The Ache of Life


Let’s still our minds.

Let’s still our bodies.

Let’s relax and open our hearts.

Let’s embrace the ache of life.

It’s there.

Underneath everything.

Inside all living things.



Like the vibration of a hummingbird’s wing.

The ache to exist.

It pushes us to breathe.

It pushes us to love.

It pushes us to reproduce.

It pushes us to live another day.

Sometimes the ache of life is in a beautiful song.

Sometimes it is in the beauty of nature.

Sometimes it is in the magnificence of the endless night sky.

Sometimes it is in a touching example of compassion or love.

Sometimes it just is...

We feel it when we get a lump in our throats.

We feel it when tears fall.

We feel it in a hearty laugh.

We feel it in a groan of joy... or a scream of agony.

Yes, the ache of life exists in pleasure... and in pain.

Sometimes in both at the same time.

It is why we risk dangerous adventures.

And it is why we make love.

So we can ride the cascade of sensations.

Until we abandon our minds and embrace the yearning just to be.

To touch that ache, the source of everything, together.

Intense pleasure and pain... all in one.

You know the feeling as well as I...

- - - - - -

So let’s lie still and quiet.

And bask in that beautiful, agonizing, rich ache of life.

Which is always there.

Energizing us.