Men: Occupy Your Cock!


With the “Occupy” movements of the last few years, the title of this guest post by Triambika, founder of The Ecstatic Awareness Institute, made me smile. Yes, if we men should ‘occupy’ anything, it is our penises. In a conscious way, of course! It also seemed appropriate, after my post titled Going To Church.

Anyone can experience and cultivate the wonderful, divine, creative power of Loving Sexual Energy and all its healing benefits. This website will hopefully enlarge on how simple that is. But there are also a number of old traditions and new modalities that open people’s consciousness to divine sexual energy, elevate men and women into more conscious and mindful loving and enhance the experience of the feminine aspect of the divine. Tantra is one of them.

For any man, or even woman, who would have liked to have, or play with, a wand like Harry Potter’s, this post will show you how you can! -- Manning H.

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Occupy Your Cock! The Tantric Art Of Inhabiting Your Male Sex Organ

Known by many different names such as penis, member, dick, sword, lingam, vajra, pecker, rod, bone, love shaft… your power tool is something you’ll want her to remember. You name it, all men have one and now days even some former women have one too.

Have you ever once, even for a second wondered if your penis was large enough to please your woman. Even if you have a large penis and that thought never crossed your mind, perhaps you have wondered if you were using it in a way that would most please her. Now I’m gonna be honest with you, sometimes no matter what your size, we women simply can’t feel you inside of us. And it’s not because we are so stretched out, so don’t even go there. Sometimes you could be hammering away and we feel next to nothing. Why? Because YOU are not there. Your penis is there but it’s only physical. It lacks the spiritual, energetic aspects that have the power to heal, pleasure and open her into a whole other universe.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that if you’re taking the time to read this, it matters to you to be a good lover. What I want to share with you is going to greatly improve your performance Big Time. But not only will it make you a better lover, it’s going to make you a more conscious lover. Ahh, now there’s something a woman wants to hear. More conscious men in the world please… and more conscious women too… every one of us could stand to be a little more mindful when it comes to sex. After all, it works out best when all of you is fully there.

Guys, if you’ve been around the block with women, you’ve probably heard it all before. She wants you to “show-up”, to pay attention, to listen to her needs, to listen to her ramble on about her new shoes, she wants you to be PRESENT! Ask any woman who has a clue and she’ll tell you how essential it is for a man to be Present, in the moment, with her, right NOW.

Fortunately men already come equipped with an amazing ability to focus solely and entirely on one thing. Now, let’s make that one thing, the ‘right’ thing.

The act of occupying your cock is really quite simple, however not many men are very aware of this well kept secret. It’s about bringing all of your pointed attention into infusing your cock with a luminous glow of loving awareness. That’s right, bring all of your attention to your member, fill it with light and focus on the power contained there in your magic wand. Think Harry Potter only your using your cock instead of a stick of wood. This is best done during intercourse but can also be incorporated before you’re even erect.

It’s unfortunate, however understandable, that some men would rather think about the ball game or dead puppies while they’re having sex in order to keep themselves from coming too soon. While this may be effective for withholding an ejaculation, it’s a complete rip off to your partner who is opening up her body to you.

Occupying your cock is more about the intention you put into your wand while you’re making love. You may only last a short time or you’ll last for hours, but if she’s feeling you fuck her open to the heavens, you’ll be happy you did this.

Here’s a few helpful hints:
•    Imagine using your magic wand to paint her pussy on the outside with delicious strokes of pleasure.
•    Imagine, slowly…I said slowly, entering her Yoni while you envision your penis lighting up, like a rod of light.
•    Inside your wand you have the power to heal your woman, you have the power to awaken her pleasure beyond belief.
•    The light of your cock extends far beyond and far wider than the physical could ever do.
•    As you penetrate her visualize your penis lighting her up from the inside. Move in and out, a little quicker if you want, but remember to slow down to really SEE your cock-light reaching way past her g-spot, into all the dark hidden places where she feels most vulnerable.
•    Your cock-light reaches all the way up to her source of power and even beyond that, into her heart! Can you just imagine fucking her heart so deeply that you could see your cock light coming out through her throat? Kind of erotic if you ask me.
•    But why stop there? Now slow down here, both of you remind each other to breeeeeeeaaaaathe deeeeeeeeply. And imagine that next inhalation taking your cock-light right up through the crown of her head straight to the Source of all creation.

Now that’s what I call conscious sex! Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

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