A Touch is Like a Musical Tone


Wikipedia describes a musical tone as this:

A musical tone is a steady periodic sound. A musical tone is characterized by its duration, pitch, intensity (or loudness), and timbre (or quality).

A very beautiful friend of mine (all women are equally beautiful, don’t you think) and I were recently discussing her joy of playing the piano. At some point she marveled at how magical it is that every time we hear a musical tone, we never tire of it. It always seems new and fresh.

I have often thought how miraculous it is that all the songs that exist have been written from the same old notes and chords. So many great hits are built from the same basic musical tones, just re-imagined somehow. I have experienced it myself. If I pick up my guitar and play three chords, say C, D and G, and fool around with them, I can always find new melodic combinations by changing tempo and sequence.

Somehow my friend’s comment about how a musical tone always seems new, no matter how many times we hear it, caused us to realize there is a parallel with touch. A touch on skin always feels new. A caress, or a nibble, or a suckle, or a gentle bite feels just as good this time as it has every other time. That goes for the future as well.

Just like a musical tone, touch is also characterized by its “duration, pitch, intensity and timbre”. We play music on each other’s bodies by rearranging and modifying the way we do it. Sometimes it creates a touch-song that is a ‘hit’ for the ages.

All tones are vibrations. How wonderful it is to know that we can create beautiful vibrations of loving sexual energy in each other’s bodies by composing new and fresh melodies with the same touches we (and everyone else before us) have used many times before.