Our Online LSE Community

We invite you to join a community of people who believe in our six principles of loving sexual energy, which are reflected in all our blog posts. The most practical way to become a loving sexual energy supporter is to “Like” us on our new Facebook page and/or subscribe to our blog.

Each of these six principles (below) are linked to a series of short blog entries that expand on what each means and why it is important. Please take a few moments to read them for more detail.

1.  Sexual energy is equivalent to life.
2.  Sexual energy is a spiritual energy.
3.  Full spectrum sexual energy is loving energy.
4.  All human beings are equal and beautiful.
5.  We are all born to share.
6.  Loving, peaceful community is matriarchal in nature.


Then join us in support!

Our Real Life Community

As human society moves into increasingly difficult times, we believe there is a need for new, living communities that are focused on the principles we have outlined above.

In modern, patriarchal society our young and old are increasingly becoming dissociated from loving ‘community’ care. It is more and more difficult for singles and families to provide themselves with the necessities of life on their own, adding to the climate of stress and anxiety. While sustainability and self-sufficiency are worthy causes, we believe they flow naturally from focusing on the principles of loving sexual energy.

Willow and Manning are in the process of creating a real life intentional community on Vancouver Island in Duncan, B.C., Canada, based on these principles.

We believe the opportunity to re-envision and re-create matriarchal community in a modern context is tremendously exciting.

We are seeking:

  • People who would like to join us in this living experiment (we will continue to develop the model as we grow).
  • Connection with relevant social/psychological researchers who may want to work with the community as it grows.
  • Investor partners, either within the living community or part of our extended community, interested in advancing the cause.
  • Supporters who will encourage our experiment and engage in ongoing discussion and exploration about creating a matriarchal communal model in a patriarchal world.
  • Connection with people who have intentional community experience, willing to help guide our experiment.

At this time the best way to connect with us is via email. We will respond promptly, and in detail, to all questions and enquiries.